Prairie Patient Portal

Securely Access Your Health Record 24/7

Here’s How It Works.

  • Patient access is free — all you need is an email address!
  • Simply tell registration personnel that you want to sign up for MyPrairieChart.
  • Staff will verify your personal information and ensure that we have your correct email address.
  • Once we register you, you will receive an email with instructions and a link explaining how to sign up.
  • You must enter an access code to securely access your health record.
  • You can log in by creating a unique username and password.

About Your Record.

  • You must sign up on a PC or Mac. Once signed up, you can then securely access your healthcare through your smartphone or tablet. For your privacy, separate email accounts will be required for each patient.
  • If you use the Chart My Health record with other healthcare providers, your healthcare information will all be stored together.
  • This Prairie Cardiovascular offering includes useful healthcare information, but does not contain all information contained in your medical record.
  • If you have technical issues, you can get tech support by emailing or calling us at: 855-325-4747.
  • Features may be added over time. As we innovate and improve, you may have more options available through your online health record.

Did You Know?

All you need is ONE patient portal account, powered by Epic™ MyChart®, and you have the ability to obtain your health information from thousands of providers and healthcare organizations across the nation!


View upcoming appointments, or schedule your next appointment online from the Home screen of your portal account.

To schedule, click Request, and simply choose the organization and provider you wish to see. Next pick the day(s) of the week that work best for you, as well as the time of day. Give your care team a reason for your appointment, then click Submit. Your care team will contact you with available appointment times to secure your new appointment.


Have a question for your doctor regarding your health? Want to avoid call wait times or phone tag?

Message your doctor by clicking on the Inbox tab, and then hit Compose. Select the name of the provider you wish to correspond with, and write your message—just like email!


Avoid waiting for a phone call from your healthcare provider, and view all normal test and lab results the moment they are available to you.

Click the My Health tab, and then the Results tab. Locate the lab work you’re interested in seeing the results of under the Value or Range columns. You may also be able to view details of your lab results by clicking on the document icon under the Options column.


Save time by renewing your prescription medications when it’s convenient for you.

Click the My Health tab, and then the Medications tab. Locate the medication you wish to renew, and under Options, click on the pill bottle icon. Feel free to leave your doctor a comment regarding this medication, then hit Send. Your doctor or care team will contact you when your prescription has successfully been renewed.

Be sure to pick up your medication from the pharmacy you’ve indicated in your portal account.


You never know when you may need access to your medical information-take it with you on the go by downloading the EPIC MYCHART app in your Android or iOS App store!

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