“After finishing vascular medicine fellowship at Cleveland Clinic and general cardiology followed by combined interventional cardiology and peripheral interventional fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical center, a major teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, I decided to pursue advanced peripheral interventional training.

Though the decision regarding which program to seek is a difficult one, I knew exactly what I was looking for: a premier program with capable and distinguished faculty, fantastic patient mix, excellent support staff, and extensive resources. The Prairie Vascular Fellowship had all these and much more. Their very busy cath lab and peripheral suit had a very large catchment area from three states, where complex cases were referred. Therefore, it was no surprise that the multiple, cutting edge devices were routinely employed in their practice.

Furthermore, Prairie Cardiovascular has a very successful vascular medicine practice. In addition to a polished vascular medicine internist, their endovascular specialists are interventional cardiologists who have extensive vascular medicine experience and hold the general and endovascular added qualification certificate from the American Board of Vascular Medicine.  They routinely work closely with vascular and cardiothoracic surgeons. This multidisciplinary team was able to be among the first in the nation to embark on deep venous interventions and lead the way to developing and advancing this field for the rest of us.

I was very pleased to be selected as a Prairie Vascular Fellow. I attended a 3-month fellowship between September 1st and December 1st, 2010. During my fellowship I was first operator in most cases.  In addition to lower extremity interventions, I performed carotid artery, renal artery, subclavian artery, mesenteric artery, as well as deep and superficial venous interventions.

The support provided by the vascular specialists at the Prairie Vascular Fellowship (Drs. Mishkel, Goswami, Goldstein, Rocha-Singh, and Kolluri) was beyond my expectations.

I am currently the director of the busy vascular medicine program at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and perform endovascular procedures routinely. I certainly believe that the Prairie Vascular Fellowship was integral to my training and has helped me in my career as an interventional cardiologist and endovascular specialist.

I recommend the Prairie Vascular Fellowship to all serious candidates interested in launching or expanding their endovascular practice.”

Amjad T. AlMahameed, MD, MPH, RPVI, FACP
Director, Vascular Medicine Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Interventional Cardiologist and Endovascular Specialist
Section of Interventional Cardiology
Boston, MA 02215

Amjad T. AlMahameed, MD, MPH, RPVI, FACP

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