“The Prairie Vascular Fellowship offers superb endovascular training.  After practicing as an interventional cardiologist for two years, I wanted to expand my expertise into endovascular medicine and non-invasive vascular ultrasound. During the fellowship I was able to customize my program to include both of these skill sets.  In addition, I was able to maintain my coronary interventional skills by performing acute STEMI interventions and PCI cases.  This was important to me since we were about to start a PCI program at my hospital.
Under the expert guidance of Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Mishkel, Dr. Goswami, and colleagues I was able to broaden my knowledge base and skills both in endovascular and coronary interventions.  It is a totally hands on experience.  I was really impressed by the faculty’s ease and confidence in letting me do the cases from day one.  I also interpreted 500 vascular studies and am now able to sit for the RPVI exam.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I highly recommend this fellowship for cardiovascular interventionists who wish to broaden their skill set. The two months I spent in Springfield were extremely educational and clinically exceptional.  In my opinion Prairie Cardiovascular is one of the BEST PROGRAMS in the country.  I wish I had known about it earlier.

I’d like to personally thank Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Mishkel, Dr. Goswami, Dr. Singh, Dr. Dukkipati, Dr. Kelley, Dr. Pacheco, and the St. John’s staff for the hands on training and opportunities provided to me by the fellowship. In addition, Sadie Samson, Prairie Vascular Fellowship Coordinator, was exceptional with helping to coordinate my application and guide me through the state and hospital credentialing process. She went above and beyond.”

Gurpal Singh, MD

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