“After almost 25 years of Interventional Cardiology practice I applied to the Prairie Vascular Fellowship in hopes of developing skills in peripheral and structural heart disease.  Under the expert and patient tutelage of Drs. Goldstein, Mishkel, Goswami, Issa, Nandish, Gill, Kale, Kelley, Pachecho and Rocha-Singh, I developed peripheral angiography, peripheral interventional and structural heart disease skills.  The catheterization lab staff at St. John’s Hospital was both welcoming and supportive.  Ms. Samson the fellowship coordinator was wonderful.

While at Prairie Heart I was also exposed to cutting edge novel structural and interventional devices including the Parachute, Angiovac and Heli-FX devices.  The two months I spent in Springfield were extremely educational, valuable and clinically invigorating.  I’d like to personally thank Dr. Goldstein and his colleagues for the hands on training and opportunities afforded to me by the fellowship.  I recommend the Prairie Vascular Fellowship to my colleagues as a worthy and valuable training experience. ”

Joel Hellman, M.D.

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