I want to thank the Prairie Vascular Fellowship faculty for an incredible two months of endovascular training.  I also would like to acknowledge and extend my appreciation for talented interventionists at Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants, especially Dr. Nandish and Dukapati, who were gracious with their time and sharing of procedural expertise.  This is a special place where one can implant a carotid stent, perform  catheter directed thrombolysis to treat a pulmonary embolism, implant a Watchman device, and perform an Impella assisted aortic valvuloplasty – all in one day.   Despite more than a decade of high volume coronary and peripheral interventional practice, I experienced intensive learning of new interventional skills and techniques by performing a tremendous range of complex coronary, peripheral, and structural heart procedures in a highly educational environment.  I became proficient with the Impella device, balloon aortic valvuloplasty, pre-close for large sheaths, deploying coils, carotid angiography, and transseptal catheterization.  I improved my efficiency in crossing iliac and SFA CTO’s, and gained valuable experience performing TAVR, carotid stenting, left atrial appendage occlusion with the Watchman device, left atrial appendage ligation with the LARIAT devices, and using snares.  I highly recommend this fellowship for cardiovascular interventionists who wish to broaden their skill set.

Steve Lin, M.D.

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