Time is Muscle!

Prairie Cardiovascular initiated the development of the Prairie STAT Heart Program in August 2004 under the direction of Dr. Frank Aguirre and Dr. Frank Mikel.  The Prairie STAT Heart Program was one of the first in the country to focus on streamlining emergency care to meet the national goal of providing angioplasty (a non-surgical procedure to treat diseased arteries) within 90 to 120 minutes from a patient’s arrival at the community hospital (often referred to as the door-to-balloon time). This ensures that the patient located in a rural community receives emergent heart care as fast or faster than patients in larger urban areas. Prairie Cardiovascular with the development of The Prairie STAT Heart Program streamlined that process and partnered with St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Medical Center in Springfield (2004), Memorial Hospital of Carbondale (2007) and St. Elizabeth’s in Belleville (2010) to provide life-saving care to these patients. Since the launch of the program in 2004 through July 2016 Prairie Physicians have cared for over 3,300 patients in Central and Southern Illinois who suffered from ST-elevated acute myocardial infarctions (the worst kind of heart attack) and were transferred using the STAT Heart Program. The challenge in rural communities had been to quickly determine which patients were having the worst kind of heart attacks and then to mobilize the transportation system and receiving hospital to move the patient to an experienced cath lab where highly specialized treatments and devices could be used.

The key to the Prairie STAT Heart Program is detailed coordination of all aspects of emergent heart care. Protocols are provided to the 33 participating rural hospitals for the fastest possible triage and treatment of ST elevation myocardial infarction patients. The team includes community and receiving hospital staff, air and ground transfer crews, cath lab teams and Prairie Cardiologists who administer highly specialized lifesaving treatments. We are treating the worst kind of heart attack as if it were a cardiac trauma.

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. The statistics indicate that you or someone you know will develop heart disease.  Regardless of where you live, rapid treatment is the key to survival.  

Delay in treating a heart attack reduces the chance of survival and increases the risk of long-term damage to your heart. TIME IS MUSCLE! The best way to treat a heart attack is to get rapid interventional treatment at an experienced heart facility. Rural hospitals want the fastest treatment for their patients and have teamed with Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants to be a part of the Prairie STAT Heart Program.

STAT Heart Members

Anna – Union County Hospital
Belleville – St. Elizabeth’s Hospital•
Benton – Franklin Hospital
Breese – St. Joseph’s Hospital
Carbondale – Memorial Hospital of Carbondale•
Carlinville – Carlinville Area Hospital
Carrollton – Thomas H. Boyd Memorial Hospital
Chester – Memorial Hospital
Clinton – Dr. John Warner Hospital
Decatur – St. Mary’s Hospital
DuQuoin – Marshall Browning Hospital
Effingham – St. Anthony’s Memorial Hospital
Eldorado – Ferrell Hospital
Greenville – Greenville Regional Hospital
Harrisburg – Harrisburg Medical Center
Havana – Mason District Hospital
Herrin – Herrin Hospital
Highland – St. Joseph’s Hospital
Hillsboro – Hillsboro Area Hospital
Hopedale – Hopedale Medical Complex
Jacksonville – Passavant Area Hospital
Lincoln – Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital
Litchfield – St. Francis Hospital
Macomb – McDonough District Hospital
Marion – VA Medical Center
Mattoon – Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center
Murphysboro – St. Joseph Memorial Hospital
Pana – Pana Community Hospital
Pinckneyville – Pinckneyville Community Hospital
Red Bud – Red Bud Regional Hospital
Rushville – Culbertson Memorial Hospital
Shelbyville – Shelby Memorial Hospital
Sparta – Sparta Community Hospital
Springfield – Prairie Heart Institute at St. John’s Hospital•
Springfield – Memorial Heart and Vascular Institute•
Staunton – Community Memorial Hospital
Taylorville – Taylorville Memorial Hospital
Vandalia – Fayette County Hospital

• Receiving Tertiary Hospital

Julie Richardson, RN, BSN
Chest Pain Network Director
PHII Clinical Programs

Prairie STAT Heart Program

24/7 in Your Community

Prairie STAT Heart Coordinators are available in your community, on call, 24/7 to facilitate the rapid, emergent transfer of all STAT Heart patients.

Prairie STAT Heart Coordinators provide training on the STAT Heart process to all Community Hospitals, EMS ground and air transfer facilities and receiving updates and ongoing communication. The Prairie STAT Heart Program has partnered with the St. John’s School of Nursing for program accreditation.

The Prairie STAT Heart Nurse provides a detailed STAT Heart Report on every STAT Heart activation. This feedback to the Community Hospitals, EMS and Receiving Centers ensures quality, communication, process improvement measures and best patient outcomes.

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