Structural Heart Disease Clinic

Managing Chronic Heart Diseases by Altering the Structure

The Next Generation of Heart Treatment at Prairie.

Like any structure or machine, the heart requires maintenance. It’s why doctors push diet and exercise as any automotive shop recommends oil change and tire rotation. The fix may be a fluid change or a pipe opened (stent), a work around (bypass) or an electrical problem (ablation).

When that doesn’t work, it may require changing how it was built (structure).

Conditions such as atrial fibrillation (AFib), heart defects and heart failure are all considered chronic issues of the heart that might best be served by addressing the structure of the heart.

Innovative structural approaches at Prairie are improving the lives of people who may be living with a “beater.” From open heart valve repair/replacement, minimally invasive valve repair to implantable structural devices, a structural solution could help you live better. If you are struggling to manage a chronic heart issue, talk to a Prairie doctor today.

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