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April 5, 2017

2nd Anti-thrombotics Summit: Hot Topics in Contemporary Cardiovascular Practice: Featuring Prairie Anti-thrombotic Summit

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And the Emmy goes to…

Congratulations to Prairie’s own Dr. Greg Mishkel and WSEC’s Mark MacDonald for their Emmy Win!

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Learn hands on with Vascular professionals who are hands down, the best around. Apply for the Prairie Advanced Heart & Vascular Fellowship.

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Sometimes, Less Really Is More.

Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery

Learn more about this groundbreaking procedure available from the Doctors of Prairie!

Learn How to Have a Well Fed Heart!

Eating Healthy is an essential part of Heart Health! Discover tips, recipes and nutritional information to help you Feed Your Heart Well!

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Welcome to Prairie Cardiovascular

Prairie Cardiovascular is a pioneering organization. Its history dates back to 1979 when James T. Dove, M.D., envisioned a greater cardiovascular practice in central and southern Illinois based on the motto “Quality, Compassionate, Personal Care.” The care patients receive at Prairie goes far beyond technical excellence.

When Dr. James Dove founded Prairie Cardiovascular in Springfield, Illinois, it was his intention to deliver state-of-the-art heart care to patients while still providing them compassionate, personal care. He succeeded in establishing that platform of excellence for Prairie.

Prairie’s mission was created from this simple motto: “To optimally serve our patients and their physicians in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease with compassion and dignity, assurance of quality, research and education.”

Prairie currently has more than 70 board certified physicians and 45 clinic sites in Illinois. Prairie is a national leader in the innovation and development of new diagnostic and treatment procedures and continues to advance medicine with a very active research program.

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In the News!

Prairie doctor offers minimally invasive technique, avoids cracking breastbone

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House Call: Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack!

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State-Of-The-Art Heart Failure Clinic Set To Open Thursday

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Walk With A Doc!

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