Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois

Wherever you go…

The Doctors of Prairie are available to see patients in 45 locations across central and southern Illinois. Prairie has grown to 72 cardiovascular specialists, all collaborating across a broad network-Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois- to provide patients with nationally-recognized heart and vascular care right where they live.

What is the Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois?

The Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois is a ground breaking partnership committed to the delivery of services between the nationally-known physicians of Prairie Cardiovascular and the established healthcare mission of the Hospital Sisters Health System.

The focus of PHII is to build on our already-high quality service in the delivery of heart and vascular medicine in central and southern Illinois communities. The PHII model is part of a strategic plan to ensure that community hospitals remain viable in a market where competition is ever increasing, where specialty differentiation becomes more difficult, where legislation and reimbursement rates challenge the ability to deliver care, and where cooperation in teamwork is the only way to survive and improve for the future.

The Doctors of Prairie are the underpinning of this unique network which enables the delivery of cardiovascular care to nearly 180,000 patients annually. Each year, these cardiovascular pioneers drive the equivalent of 8 times around the earth to serve communities across Illinois and provide world-class heart and vascular care close to home

How do patients benefit?

The primary impact is in the area of quality enhancement. For our patients, this unique service model will provide quality, full-service cardiovascular care as close as possible to a patient’s home. That’s an unprecedented level of commitment to heart and vascular medicine in downstate Illinois.

Prairie provides same-day, next-day access to care through the Prairie Access program. Referral physicians and patients have the opportunity to speak directly with a registered nurse who can quickly facilitate a request for an appointment, refill medication, and answer questions about cardiovascular disease.

Prairie’s innovative See You in 7 program ensures provider-patient contact after treatment to help ensure a return to a normal lifestyle. This unique program has demonstrated improved compliance with many secondary prevention measures and has helped to decrease avoidable readmissions for many patients with complex cardiovascular disease.

How do physicians and hospitals benefit?

For physicians, PHII provides a unique framework to help physicians create excellent heart and vascular practices through a streamlined and clearly-defined organization. Backed by the Institute’s support structure, physicians and hospitals are able to respond quickly to the ever–changing needs of patients.

The PHII coordinated Prairie Chest Pain Network represents the region’s most comprehensive and coordinated approach to diagnosing and treating chest pain in Illinois. Seamlessly connecting hospital and local EMS agencies, The Prairie Chest Pain Network ensures that when patients arrive in the emergency room, a well-orchestrated series of events and protocols are initiated for the swift diagnosis and treatment of chest pain.

How do patients find a PHII physician in their community?

Patients should always speak with their primary care physician regarding the selection of a specialty care provider. Another option is to visit the PHII Web site,, to find a list of partner hospitals/communities and the Prairie cardiologists who see patients there. If they have questions or would like to arrange to see a Prairie cardiologist, they can call Prairie Cardiovascular at 217-788-0706.

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