“I completed a 6 month Prairie Vascular Fellowship after training in cardiology and interventional cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine.  My Prairie Vascular Fellowship consisted of endovascular interventions, structural heart procedures, complex coronary CTO interventions and superficial venous ablations.

During the fellowship  I performed over 480 interventions.  Structural interventions consisted of TAVR (TA, TF, and TAO), perivalvular leaks, ASD/PFO closures, percutaneous left appendage ligations utilizing the  LARIAT device, percutaneous left ventricular restoration with the  Parachute device, intracardiac ultrasound, and transseptal catheterization.  Endovascular arterial interventions included carotid, renal, thoracic and abdominal aortic aneurysm repair, aortic-Iliac, iliac, SFA, and below-the-knee interventions. Endovascular venous interventions included IVC filter deployment and removal, iliofemoral stenting for DVT, recanalization of central venous occlusions, superficial venous ablations, ultrasound facilitated thrombolysis for PE, and coil embolization for pelvic vein congestion.

In addition, as a Prairie Vascular Fellow I had the opportunity to attend a variety of clinics: valve, vascular, wound management, and general cardiology clinics. Research opportunities are ample as Prairie Education and Research Cooperative has more than three dozen ongoing trials as well as a database for unique research opportunities.  I was able to complete three publications as well as present at major meetings including SCAI.

I spent majority of my time in cath lab where the staff was friendly, accommodating and helpful.  Many staff members have been in the lab for more than 20 years and they are eager to supplement the teaching provided by physician faculty.  Dr. Goldstein, Mishkel, and Goswami are hands on during interventions and extremely patient while teaching and completing procedures.  I learned coronary CTO techniques with Dr. DeMartini and venous ablations with Dr. Kolluri, which were completely new skill sets for me.  Both Dr. DeMartini and Dr. Kolluri guide you thru cases from start to finish.  I also took advantage of this opportunity to become proficient at radial artery coronary interventions.

Personally, I could not have asked for a better training experience, as I was treated with respect while receiving broad based training utilizing diverse, cutting edge technology.  I have made life time friends at Prairie Cardiovascular.”

Yogesh Patel, MD

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